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‘You Take Your Opportunities, More Will Come’ – Venus Williams Shares Inspirational Advice From Sister Serena Williams at a Crucial Moment in Her Career

American tennis star Venus Williams has been away from the game for a long time now. She was last seen playing in the Chicago Women’s open 2021.



In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about her return and even retirement. The 41-year-old cleared the air, taking on her YouTube channel about her year and upcoming plans. In the video, Venus also spoke about a piece of advice she received from her sister and fellow tennis star Serena Williams.



In the video, Venus shared a story from the past. She spoke about a piece of advice her sister Serena Williams shared with her right before she was about to start her campaign at the Wimbledon 2005.

Venus said that when she walked down the court, her sister came up to her and told her about grabbing opportunities.




“There’s these wise words my sister Serena told me, before I walked down the court in 2005, Wimbledon, if you take your opportunities more will come,” she said.

Venus added it was actually the classic case, elaborating how it’s important to give your best at the moment and that life will surprise you back with much more than what you actually hoping for.



“And that is I feel like as a classic case you just take your opportunities, you do your best and then those go beyond your wildest dreams,” she added.

Venus Loves Being in Paris
While letting fans through her calendar this year, Venus also talked about how much she loves spending time in Paris. She claimed Paris is the place where she lives her best life. And it has been her favorite destination for the past few years. She also expressed her love for croissants.



“Paris is where I live my best life. And as you know, I love Paris and it’s been like my favourite destination for the last few years. So I think that’s a pretty good consolation going to Paris and having the opportunity of a lifetime to just eat croissants,” she said.

Venus is a superstar, and her fans are now eagerly waiting for her return to the tennis court.



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