What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset/currency  that can be used for payments & as means of exchange, it uses cryptography to increase security. It is created to function without the need of central authorities, unlike fait which is controlled by the government.

The process where Cryptocurrency is created is called mining. There are Cryptocurrencies you can get for free by mining them.

An Example of Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC)  is a very popular Cryptocurrency, it was founded in 2007 by a person or a group of people’s called Satoshi Nakamoto, and it is used as a means of exchange of goods & and services. Some peoples also use it as means to store value, by buying and keeping it.

2 Uses of Cryptocurrency

• Exchange & Payments:
It can be used for exchange/payments for goods and service.

• Storing Value:
A good Crypto with real use cases can often be used by some peoples for storing value, just like gold and other commodities that peoples buy/invest in to keep the value of their money with great potential for increase.

• Check the Current Coin Market Price

How to Get Cryptocurrency

Here are five (5) basic ways to get your own Crypto.

1. By building you own
2. By buying it
3. By mining it
4. Airdrop or Free gifts
5. Work for it.

Top 4 Reliable and Popular Exchanges to Buy/Sell Cryptos

1. Binance
2. Crypto.com
3. Mexc
4. LAtoken

3 Ways You Can Mine Cryptos Completely Free of Charge

1. Satoshi App
You can earn Bitcoin for free on Satoshi app and mine Btcs also without restrictions.

Satoshi the free Cryptocurrency miner
Satoshi App, Free Crypto Miner

2. Remitano
You can earn Renec for free on remitano by registering for free on their platform and downloading their app. Remitano is a reliable P2P platform for buying and selling of Cryptocurrency. Renec is their platform token which can be mined for free via their app.

Mine Renec Cryptocurrency for free on Remitano App
            Mine free Renec Coin on Remitano

Currently Renec has no value as it has not been fully lunched yet, but you can use this opportunity to mine it for free.

3. CryptoTab Browser:
You can mine Bitcoin for free just by installing the browser on your phone or computer.

CryptoTab free Bitcoin Miner
CryptoTab Browser App for Bitcoin Mining

I trust this helps you understand what Cryptocurrency is, please use the comment box if you have a question or contribution about this topic.

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