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Venus Williams Collaborates With US Foundation to Spread Awareness About Her Auto-Immune Disease Amidst Comeback Rumor

Over the years, Venus Williams has proved herself to be nothing less than a tigress. In her close to a three-decade-long career, the 41-year-old has reached the highest heights of the game.



As the majority of the tennis community knows, Venus has won 7 Grand Slams, 1 Olympic singles gold, and 3 Olympic Doubles gold. Apart from that, she has also been in the top spot in the WTA rankings for a total of 11 weeks

Her contribution to the sport remains unmatched by most of her fellow players to date. However, the American legend has much more within her than just tennis. Last month, i.e. April, the world celebrated the Sjögren’s Awareness month. Being a sufferer of the disease herself for years now, Venus made sure to come forward and help the needy during the month.



How did Venus celebrate Sjögren’s Awareness Month?
Apart from being a legendary tennis player, Venus Williams is also an avid Youtuber. She puts up regular videos on her YouTube channel, giving insights into her personal life. Adding on to her many videos, Venus put up her latest video titled ‘Update on My Life – May 2022’. In the 8-min long video, Venus spoke about how she spent her last month.



Recalling her visit to Compton and her photoshoot with Lacoste, Venus reached the point where she spoke about her work during the Sjögren’s Awareness month. She started the part by updating the viewers about her disease, saying, “April was also Sjögren’s Awareness month. As you know, I live with an auto-immune disease called Sjögren’s syndrome.”

Going further, she started elaborating on how she contributed to the cause and her experience following her contribution. She confessed that she collaborated with a US-based organization named Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation. Elaborating on her collaboration, she admitted that she helped the people in need.



“It was really cool and amazing to be involved with the Sjögren’s syndrome Foundation. To support awareness of Sjögren’s syndrome for helping people feel better sooner, get diagnosed faster, and all those different things. So, April was really a big month for that,” she said.



The much-awaited comeback of Venus Williams
Venus Williams has been out of the tour since last August. She last played at the 2021 Chicago Open, suffering a first-round loss. Going ahead, she announced a surprise withdrawal from the US Open, citing a leg injury. Since then, her fans have been waiting for her to make a comeback.



Recently, she dropped a slight hint about her possible comeback at this year’s Wimbledon in one of her Instagram stories. However, an official announcement by the player or Wimbledon is still awaited.



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