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ThunderBNB Token: Contract Address – Easy way to buy ThunderBNB coin

Welcome to Cryptopidia, here we will discuss ThunderBNB | 20% BNB + 5% THOREUM each buy & sell reward. Check ThunderBNB Token: Contract Address – Where to buy this token/coin. Here are things you need to know about ThunderBNB.

What is ThunderBNB?

This token is a Binance Smart Chain token which is just at its prelaunch sequence.

Details about this coin

As said by the company “ThunderBNB to change the way the world sees BSC tokens, we are not just a pump and dump. We want to create a system that rewards our holders, we have set aside 2% of the sales tax to fund our marketing, this is automatically paid in BNB so selling won’t affect the price of the token. We have also set aside a further 2% for future development. We have set aside tokens to be added to future exchanges, these tokens have been locked.”

Official Website

Official Telegram page

Total Supply: – 1,000,000,000,000,000

Market Cap: (Includes locked, excludes burned)

Pc v2 | ϟTHUNDERϟ/BNB LP Holdings: 0.00 BNB ($0) | Chart | Holders

How to get the Contract Address

Contract Address – 0x18c699848c75b275526f419d85a14f8924b13bc3

Does this make the coin legit?

On this website, we do not publicly inform readers to buy a coin or not to buy a coin, but we always advise you to make your proper research before being any token at all. Reading a company whitepaper is not just a way of justifying the fact but it opens your eyes to know more about them.

Make dip research before making your move. Do well to stay connected to us by joining our forum for more information.

How to buy ThunderBNB?

This token is available on their website, as you can see from the image above. You can also buy this token from and pancakeswap.

P.s: Do not jump too fast into any new coin you are not sure of, so as not to lose big time.

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