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Thoreum Token: Contract Address – Easy to to buy this coin as a beginner?

Welcome to cryptopidia review on Thoreum token, we will outline, What Thoreum Fininace token is, why you need to buy this coin, and lastly Where & how to buy the token. Thoreum Token is becoming the next pumping coin over the few months and with this potential to rise to a good peak before the end of this year 2021.

What is Thoreum Finance Coin?

Thoreum coin is a TRUE hyper-deflationary token, the best coin for HODLING. Built to be Safemoon 2.0, Thoreum has many innovative features that help users earn & win bigger.

Details of Thoreum Coin

Thoreum finance Token official Website –

Are you interested in purchasing this Coin?

Thoreum Token Market Cap: (Includes locked, excludes burned) $29,346,104

Here are some detail about Thoreum Finance Token and the contracts address.

Thoreum finance Token Contract Address

Contract Address: 0x580de58c1bd593a43dadcf0a739d504621817c05

Why buy & hodl Thoreum?⚡️ Unique tokenomics:

1. Highest buy back & burn of all coins: 10%/ transaction

2. Biggest holder rewards: 40%/ transaction rewarded to existing holders automatically. With 9/10 supply locked in high APR pools, the remaining 1/10 supply kept in wallet gets full 4% holder rewards, equivalent to 4% x10 = 40% holder rewards.

3. 3500 BNB Thor’s Thunder: True buy back & burn fund, filled with 10% from transfer tax. Continuously burning 4-5 mil Thoreum per day, and still growing steadily at a rate of ~100 BNB/ day.

4. Liquidity mining: Thoreum is world first liquidity mining coin hard-capped at 5 Bils, 3 Bils burned at start, 0.5 Bils initial supply. Investors need to join liquidity mining to get the rest ~1.5 Bils Thoreum, giving new investors a fair chance to get in, unlike other tokens that only give priority to early adopters.

⚡️ How to Earn & win bigger with Thoreum

1. Thunder Boost – Get double paid with BNB/BUSd or 3rd tokens like Safemoon plus static rewards simply by holding Thoreum in Thunder Boost tax-free pool.

2. Thunder Vault – High APY for Long-term holders: tax-free pool with auto-compound, offering 16,000%++ APY with ease of mind.

3. Win Lambo – by just being a true holder: earn tickets simply by holding Thoreum with no sell or transfer out, while enjoying rewards.

4- Take off anytime: Price under presale, Thor’s Thunder ~3500 BNB buy back & burn fund, mining end in 30-90 days, after that supply will decrease fast because of Thor’s Thunder (automatic True buy back & burn).

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