Tabank Token: Contract Address – Easy way to buy coins 2021

Every single day, a new coin is created, and here at cryptopidia, we discuss fully topics pertaining to cryptocurrency, Defi, blockchain, etc. TABANK token was launched under the Tomo Smart Chain during the month of August 2021.

What is tabank token?

TABANK has online payments, savings, lending, and investment solutions built into one platform. This token is built under the Binance smart chain

Details about this token

Tabank Token Official Website –

Twitter page

Official Telegram Page

Tabank coin whitepaper

Total Supply: 0 (will be updated once the coin is launched)

Market Cap: (Includes locked, excludes burned)

Tabank Token Contract Address

This is the contract Address of Tabank Token – 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd

Tabank Token Official Website

Where to buy tabank token

This token will be available on several market swaps once it is launched, you can also check here for updates, coinmarketcap

P.s: Be warned about a token before purchasing it. NFA

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