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OZC Token: Everything you need to know and how to Withdraw to Your Wallet 2022?

There have been so many questions regarding the OZC token airdrop, and how to withdraw the OZC token. OZC blockchain has come to bring a solution to this problem by creating a blockchain platform that utilizes the O-DPoS consensus algorithm.

In this article, we will be touching down to what OZC token is, how to participate in their airdrop, so if you have not gotten the $10 OZC airdrops go and participate, and at the end.

You will gain the best information on how to withdraw your funds to your wallet.

What is OZC?

OZC (Open Zone Consensus/Community) is a next-gen Blockchain platform using the O-DPoS (Open – Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm with the ability to process transactions up to more than one million per second at almost zero cost. OZC focuses on implementing Blockchain into practical applications that need to handle large transaction volumes, low cost, and optimize resources and energy to protect the environment.

What are OZC Coin and Its usage?

OZC Coin is OZC Smart Chain’s native coin it can be used for:

  • Payment of transaction fees
  • payment for the creation and use of Smart Contracts on OZC Smart Chain
  • Joining Staking programs and receiving interests
  • Joining lending programs and receiving interests
  • Voting for Master Node and receiving rewards
  • Voting for new policies and strategies of the OZC Smart Chain 

Information about the OZC ICO

The total number of OZC coins issued is 200,000,000 OZC.The total number of OZC Coins available for sales is a maximum of 120,000,000 OZC (60%) distributed into 12Blocks, including the amount of OZC Coins available for purchase with the free AirDrop Wallet bonus given to members.

How to Participate in OZC Airdrop

Note: This video is not in English, but it show how you can create an account. Thanks

You need to register for a free account with the link here and receive $10 in your Airdrop wallet for free. This free amount is used to buy OZC ICO and cannot be withdrawn.


  • The minimum amount to buy OZC in ICO is $10, to buy OZC, you need to refer friends to participate to get more free $10 airdrop, to buy more OZC coins to your wallet.
  • After you get the free $10, use it to buy OZC. Click on the menu bar at the top left corner and click buy ICO to use your free $10 to buy the bronze package.
  • OZC’s price and the amount available for purchase will change from time to time.

There are 5 ways to own OZC:

  • Join the Airdrop program and get $10 free to purchase OZC
  • Refer friends to receive Airdrop and receive $0.5 per person, up to 10 levels, and use this money to purchase OZC
  • Purchase OZC from the ICO
  • Participate in the OZC Smart Chain building and development programs
  • Purchase OZC on exchange when OZC is listed on exchanges.

At the end of the program, users can withdraw to the BEP20 wallet of Binance Smart Chain and trade on exchanges listed OZC Coin.
The OZC ICO’s opening time is 6 months, starting from July 15, 2021, to January 15, 2022. The period may end sooner if the total number of OZC Coins is sold out before the deadline.

The total amount of unsold OZC at the end of the sale period will be burned to reduce the total supply of OZC Coins in the market, creating momentum for future price growth.
OZC Coin’s distribution time: January 20, 2022OZC Coin’s listing time: February 2, 2022

How to withdraw OZC to Trust Wallet

Add OZC Custom address to your Trust Wallet
OZC Contract Address: 0xc7c35c0fbc3b5f04334f48281f42bc2e30e0d89d
Name: OZC Coin
Symbol: OZC
Decimals: 18
Note: OZC Withdrawal to personal wallet would start September 15th for investors who bought OZC from main wallet while those who bought OZC from airdrop wallet will be allowed to withdraw from January 2022.

But just know that OZC is a new generation of Blockchain platforms using the multilayered O-DPoS consensus algorithm, the ability to quickly process transactions at near-zero cost.

How to Withdraw OZC Token

OZC token withdrawal is not yet available. Meanwhile, you can currently use the OZC ICO page to deposit and buy OZC, and of course, you are allowed to withdraw your tokens except for OZC.

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