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‘I Can’t Even Describe in Words’ – Serena Williams Lauds Beyonce for Her Incredible Tribute to ‘King Richard’ at the Oscars

American legendary tennis star, Serena Williams, is not just a tennis player in America, she is a celebrity. Recently, she and her sister Venus Williams made an appearance at the Oscars to support their film, ‘King Richard’. And during her visit to the Ellen Show, she talked about Beyonce’s Oscar performance from the courts of Compton.



March was pretty special for the whole Williams family, as they witnessed Will Smith winning the Oscar for portraying Richard Williams in the movie ‘King Richard’. Apart from that, the Williams Sisters also saw the amazing performance of Beyonce from the tennis courts of Compton, where Serena and Venus used to play.



Speaking about Beyonce’s performance, Serena said, “Beyonce is a genius. I think she is obviously the most amazing person and performer ever and I just loved her idea around it like, to have that idea to come up and to perform where we grew up was really cause I went back and I was like, can I even begin to fathom having such a superstar come and do that at those courts. It would have just made me wanna go back to practice every single day, even more so.”



“She doesn’t even understand the people she has inspired and how she made us feel on a level that I can’t even describe in words but also goes beyond that cause she provided so much inspiration probably without even knowing to so many little kids in Compton. It was so great. So, it was such a wonderful performance,” the American tennis star further added.



Notably, Beyonce sang the ‘Be Alive’ song from the same movie, which also received a nomination for the Oscars. In the same interview with Ellen, Serena also revealed that Beyonce is one of her best friends now.



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