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How To Make Money Online As A Writer in 6 Easy Way

One of the best ways to make money online is by writing. Yes it seems easy but you can’t just write and the money starts flying to you, you need to follow steps and master the art of writing.

In this article, I will be walking you through the process to make money online as a writer. Trust me this is the best article you will read on this. Just give ut your time to understand…

There are many ways to do so but I will be sharing the one tested and best for you as a beginner. One fact is Hardwork will surely pave the way to make money online as a writer…

Make money online as a writer by

  • Blogging
  • Book Publishing
  • Affiliates
  • Scriptwriting
  • Contest
  • Songwriting

How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In 5 Easy Way

1 Blogging

Blogging is the first and best yet easiest option to make money as a writer. The real fact is you can make thousands of dollars by blogging if you can study the act and be good at it.

There are 3 options to make money online as a writer through blogging which I will be revealing to you!

1. Start your blog.

This is the first option well it looks kinda stressful setting a blog up to save your time you can contact us HERE or you just search on google to work yourself through. We suggest you go for WordPresss as your CMS.

To make money on your blog you need to give it your time. After successfully creating your blog, you need to choose your niche well (make a good finding here or just contact us for the best advice).

After creating a blog successfully,

Write good and plagiarism-free content and try getting enough SEO knowledge {im trying to brief it all nit to make the article junky}.

Apply for the best Advertisement company after that ( we recommend Google Adsense and Ezoic as an alternative.)

Improve your traffic and keep the energy rolling.

2. Create blog posts (for others)
Blogging, Blogger, Office, Business

If you think creating your own blog is stressful or because it requires some token to start. There are thousands of blogs out there in search of writers, but the question is how do you find them, or how do they come through you.

  1. Search for websites in need of writers on google facebook and twitter
  2. Create Gigs on fivver (the safe and best option)
3. Establish a niche website

This is the last list on how to make money online as a writer through blogging and it requires a lot of patience compared to the first two options.

If you think you have more knowledge about a particular niche (maybe you are a doctor you can go into a health niche.)

Create a professional website that is based on your niche and start writing on it, then follow the recommended way to monetize a blog in monetizing your website.

2. Book Publishing

Another way to make money online as a writer is by writing quality books and publishing on online publishers. By doing this you can make some cool cash that will make you happy.

How to make money online as a writer through book publishing

  1. Write a good and intresting book
  2. Submit the book on one of thus sites (Blurb, Smashwords  MindStir Media Publishing.
  3. Keep the energy going

3. Affliates

Affiliate is one of the best options when you trying to find a way on how to make money online.

In summary, it’s a process you promote goods and services for companies with your writing skill and get good commission.

Easy way to make money as a writer through Affiliate.

Man, Money, Tablet, Bet, Success, Win
  1. Find list of goods/service yiu wush to promote
  2. Find list if comapnay that offers these services and apply for the affliate marketting
  3. Write a detailed and nice copy-write anout the company and it servicess
  4. Promote on your blog, social media handles and recommend for yiur audience
  5. Keep the enegy moving and trust the process

4. Script-Writing

Writing, Write, Fountain Pen, Ink

Another way to make money online as a writer is by writing scripts for Film-makers and production teams.

This can earn you big cash if you are good at fiction and storytelling.

Steps to make money as a script-writer
  • Compose a good and intresting story that will worth film making.( You have to be professional to get good offers.)
  • Find the famous Actors and film production companies around yiu for a deal (For you to be the bold, your stiry and script must poccess the value, no one is paying for shit!)
  • Name your worth and bargain for a deal!

5. Contest

Yeah contesting with other awesome writers like you is a good option to make money online as a writer.

Steps to make money online as a writer through Contests
  • Master and perfect the writing art. (You are not contesting against novice, they are masters and professionals in the game)
  • Always check for contest updates HERE, they list up to 100 daily jusut choose the one that catch your attention
  • Submit entries to as many contest as you can, trust me you can make up to 2000$ a month doing this!
  • You can also check out Biopage’s Storytelling Contest they  pays $100 to $300 for winning short stories.
  • Keep the energy moving NO RELENT.

6. SongWriting

Studio, Songwriting, Music, Sound

Our last option on how to make money online as a writer will is song-writing.

Yes, do you think you are good at composing nice tracks why waste that talent, make some $ with that dude.

Follow my steps and make at least 1000$ a month.

  1. Create a nice track (I mean a nuce song no artice is gonna buy anything tabt wont sell them out)
  2. Sell the track to artitse and Record label. You can sell yiur songs on these websites also (TuneCore, SongBay, AirGigs, Nashville Songwriters Association)
  3. Keep the energy moving no relent!!

7 red flags to watch for when trying to make money online as a writer

If you are too desperate to make money you are likely to be scammed and never make a dime despite your hard work. Watch out for these points and be know when to decline!

  1. Anything that sounds too good to be true.
  2. Any online gig requiring you to send money before you make money (except for some legitimate publications that charge a nominal submission fee).
  3. A potential client asking for too much personal information.
  4. Job postings that list unprofessional email addresses that look like a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.
  5. Vague job descriptions.
  6. Meager pay for the amount of work. (And on the other end, payment that seems way too high for the demands of the job.)
  7. A company requesting that you do trial work for free to evaluate or sample your services.

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How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In 5 Easy Way

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