how to make money as a kid at home

Best Ways on how to make money as a kid at home in 2021

We have seen the need to make money online, but this is not only centered on adults. We will learn How to make money as a kid online, how to make money as a teenager at home. Kids can earn money, or have their own income.

In fact, there are many excellent ways to make money as a kid or teenager just by using your skills or taking some time to do small tasks every day.

As a parent, you will definitely help your kid to make some money.

In fact, A kid will require your support in various ways to accomplish money-making. Now let’s help a kid who trying to make money.

These are 5 proven ways to make money as a kid or teenager in 2021, 2022.

Top 5 Make Money as a Kid in 2021

1. YouTube

Just in case you are unknown, there are 10 children all are below 11-years of age who are already millionaires. That’s because they are YouTube stars. They have their own YouTube Channels that are very famous around the world, both among children and adults. Obviously, parental support includes a lot in their success.

A child can become a wealthy and famous YouTuber.

Opening a YouTube channel is free. A child can make excellent videos about anything as cooking or something easier like reviewing toys, telling stories, or even how to play a video game or any other sport.

2. Blogging

Blogging might be like rocket science or something very challenging for a child below 11 years. At the same time, there are countless child bloggers are in the USA and other parts of the world.

In fact, some of them certainly ranks as the youngest millionaires in the world. The best part of blogging is it can be often done from the comfort and safety of home and requires little parental control. There is a lot of money in blogging. If your child is passionate about something and can write well, motivate them to start a new blog.

3. Child Influencer

As influencer marketing you need to collect strength, industry experts project it would be worth $30 billion by 2025. A large piece of the influencer marketing industry about 20 percent is held by child influencers.

According to various estimations, A child influencer makes about $100 per 1,000 people. With influencer marketing on the rise, you can imagine the income potential it holds for a child influencer.

Understandably, becoming a child influencer is not so easy. However, your child can start with an Instagram account and make videos on a particular subject and post.

Popularize those videos to a niche audience till there is a devoted following. Usually, Influencer marketing companies prefer child influencers that already have some level of exposure to the general public.

4. Paid To Click

This was my initial most popular online job. I used to earn $200 to $400 working just 30 minutes on ad clicking jobs. You just need to signup with several of the ideal online ad-clicking job sites.

Your task is going to be to register into various Paid Click sites (PTC) and then clicking and reading ads for only 5-20 seconds each. You will be get paid in few cents for each click.

Apart from clicking ads, you can find a number of other short tasks that can be completed and make extra money.

5. Survey Sites

There is no great online job for college students than paid online surveys. When I was in college, I was making around $200 to $500 by just completing online surveys.

I love this online job because it is really fun to fill up paid surveys. It just takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete a given survey and you get paid $2 – $20 for doing the surveys.

As a Bonus tip to you. There are still other ways to make money as a kid or teenager. As a kid or teenager, there are some subjects, or courses you are very good at.

You can make money to teach/tutor your classmates or juniors at school. So, nothing hard there to worry about.

Guess what! There are new ways to make money in this era. Have you heard of cryptocurrency? Do you know you can learn about Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Defi?

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