How to Install Trust Wallet on Android Phone

You want to know how to How to Install Trust wallet for Storing Crypto on Android Phone?


If yes, follow the steps below to know, How to Install Trust wallet for Storing Crypto on Android Phone in Minutes.


  • Go to google play and type ‘Trust Wallet’ in the search result look for an app with the name and icon just as in the image below, select and install it to your device.

Trust wallet on google play store



A direct link to download Trust wallet from google play store:

Download Trust Wallet


After you’ve downloaded and successfully installed trust wallet to your device, the next step is:

• Creating a new wallet for storing your Cryptocurrency on trust wallet app using your android phone

How To Create A New Crypto Wallet On Trust Wallet On Android Phone


How to Install Trust wallet for Storing Crypto on Android Phone
Trust Wallet Logo on a White Shirt

1. Open / lunch the trust wallet app by clicking on it on your phone.

Trust Wallet on Android Phone
Trust wallet On Android Phone


2. Click on ‘Settings’ at the right side bottom of the app

See the screenshot below:

Trust Wallet Settings


3. Click on ‘Wallets’


4. Then click on ‘+’ sign at the top right side, after it opens

See screenshot below for guide:

How to Install Trust wallet for Storing Crypto on Android Phone


5. Select ‘Create A New Wallet’


6. Read the details in the new page and accept their terms by ticking the box.


7. Copy the private keys

Copy your private keys from the new page into a clean book or paper, that you can keep safe for future use because your private keys are the password to access your Crypto wallet when ever you delete your trust wallet and need to reinstall it or if something happens to you phone and you need to access your trust wallet from another device.



If you lose your secret keys, you won’t be able to access your wallet anymore. So keep it in a safe place & don’t allow other see it because if they get your secret keys they have gotten access to your wallet and funds.



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8. Now after you’ve copied your private keys from trust wallet, the next step is to verify your wallet, by entering the private keys in correct order just as it was show to you in the previous page that you copied to book/paper.

After arranging it in order, then click on ‘Done’ at the bottom.


Haven done this your Crypto wallet on trust wallet is ready.
You can use it to receive Crypto from anyone, from anywhere.


Congratulations you’ve now learnt How to Install Trust wallet for Storing Crypto on Android Phone.


If you’re a newbie in the Crypto space we at Cryptopidia welcome you and wish you an amazing and fruitful journey.

PS: Be free to asking questions on or forums questions and answers section and to connect with other Crypto enthusiasts.



You can have as many wallet you wish to have, for instance you can create a wallet for Airdrops, another wallet for Savings for a specific project, one for business etc. Under one trust wallet app, without having to download another. All you have to do is to follow the process we just used now to create another wallet and give it a name so you can identify each wallet by their names.




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