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Floyd Mayweather being ‘broke’ is “hard to believe” despite signs his money has dwindled

Michael Bisping has slammed claims that Floyd Mayweather is ‘broke’ by saying it’s “hard to believe” in a recent episode of his podcast when discussing the unblemished boxer



Boxing fans have started to theorise that Floyd Mayweather is broke – but UFC’s Michael Bisping has slammed the rumours.

Mayweather earned the nickname ‘money’ in his illustrious career as he wasn’t afraid to splash the cash. The unblemished boxer commanded eye-watering fight purses throughout his career, and he is responsible for some of the biggest money match-ups in history.



However, after stating he would remain away from the ring, Mayweather will square off with Dan Moore in Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening, in an exhibition bout. However, the former UFC Champion has slammed fans’ comments that Mayweather’s return is purely for financial gain.

“Apparently, people said that Floyd’s broke,” Bisping said during a recent episode of his podcast Believe You Me.

“I can’t see how that’s the reality. The man’s earned so much money. Granted he spends a lot; flashy lifestyle, private jets, cars, watches, you name it, and the rest.



“No doubt a bunch of baby mamas and taxes. There’s a lot of ways to spend money, but still, I find that him being broke is a little hard to believe.”



Mayweather’s last bout came last summer when he squared off with internet personality Logan Paul in an exhibition bout.

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