What is Feeder finance Token

Feeder finance Token: Contract Adress – Where to buy?

What comes to your mind when looking at this Feeder finance Token? Well, I will not make you go through stress about figuring what Feeder.finance token is all about. I want you to get settled, while I break it down for you.

What is Feeder finance Token

Feeder Finance aims to make Defi accessible, understandable, and fun! Experience peace of mind while Feeder Finance automatically slices one deposit into smaller pieces to invest across all targeted investment strategies, from vaults, liquidity pool vaults, and more! Making investing in Defi safer and easier, all that, within one click.

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Feeder finance Contract Address

Contract Address: – 0x67d66e8ec1fd25d98b3ccd3b19b7dc4b4b7fc493

You can view the live chart here – poocoin.app

All you need to know about Feeder.finance Token

Total Supply: – 67,816,688

Market Cap: (Includes locked, excludes burned) – $11,686,766

Pc v2 | FEED/BNB LP Holdings: 4,315.79 BNB ($1,583,660) Chart | Holders

Pc v2 FEED/BUSD LP Holdings: 0.69 BUSD ($1) Chart | Holders

Pc v2 | FEED/USDT LP Holdings: 0.02 USDT ($0) | Chart | Holders

Where to buy Feeder finance Token?

You can easily buy Feeder finance Token from Poocoin.app or you can purchase directly on their official website.

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