Erosswap Finance Token

Erosswap Finance Token – how to buy Eros coin?

This article gives insight about Erosswap Finance Token – where Eros coin is listed, and how to buy Eros token?

Eros coin is also called Erosswap Finance Token/coin, which is operating from its own swapping portal only tradeable under BSC.

What is Erosswap Finance token?

This coin is built under the Binance Smart Chain, which makes it convertible with any coin built under the BSC blockchain such as BUSD, BNB, etc

Details about Eros token

Official Website

Telegram page

Twitter Account

Total Supply: – 4,500,000

Market Cap: (Includes locked, excludes burned) – $612,129

Pc v2 | EROS/BNB LP Holdings: – 395.41 BNB ($194,154) | Chart | Holders

Pc v2 | EROS/BUSD LP Holdings: – 987.94 BUSD ($988) | Chart | Holders

MDEX | EROS/BUSD LP Holdings: – 0.00 BUSD ($0) | Chart | Holders

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How to get the contract Address of Eros?

Using the official website of Eros token, you can easy see the contract Address – 0xe0cA4724Bc8B97B259d25596ee3CfAb816629baD

What makes Eros Coin unique?

According to Eros content available on their website, they provide mouth-watering sections from which to make money, which I will quote below.


💵 Invite as many friends as you can, and earn FREE tokens.

👥 Referral Systems Trio which gives your the opportunity to get extra EROS 💓 tokens – 3% from EVERY transaction, 3% from the harvest of farms and pools, and 3% from EVERY exchange of EROS token.

It works 💥FOREVER.

🔥🔥🔥 Burning and Auto Buy-back system integration.

🌟 System absolutely automatically collects fees and 🔥 burns EROS💓 tokens using that fees. 9% transaction fee – 3% for the referrals or sent to the Auto buy-back system, 3% for the Auto buy-back system 3% is used as a reward for bnb/busd producing farms.

Kindly visit the official website of Eros token to get more details on how to earn.

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