Can a crypto ban lead to low economic growth?

Easy Beginners guide 2021 – Can a crypto ban lead to low economic growth?

Can you imagine a world without cryptocurrency right now? Can a crypto ban lead to low economic growth? This imagination in this crypto space can be mind-blowing but for a second, think about it. What would the world be like without cryptocurrency? What will this world be like without bitcoin? How would it look like, if bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency? Just imagine

If cryptocurrency is taken away or let’s just fix the right word if cryptocurrency should be ban globally, what would happen? I know how it sounds like, It sounds terrible and horrifying but just imagine it for a moment. There is a fact, many will become broke and poor as a church rat.

Crypto banned and economic growth

These two words ‘crypto’ and ‘economic’, if they were persons, I’d probably say, they would be brothers. They work hand in hand and can make the globe shake if there should be a conflict between them.

Cryptocurrency has been infused into the economy and if a degree is made that crypto should be a ban that will be like removing the blood from the body of a living person. There has never been away a living person who can be alive without blood flowing in the body, the only way maybe the person might be in life support or probably be in a coma.

Just imagine that there is a 67% chance that there will an economic disaster globally.

Easy steps to find rising coin

Is cryptocurrency good or bad for the economy

Well, there is nothing in this world that can be 100%, even money itself can have a dying effect on a person, how much more a currency that can be manipulated.

Cryptocurrency is not that bad but good most of the time. It will be a better asset to the economy. cryptocurrency has become a very close friend of the economy, which has made it possible, if cryptocurrency bleeds today, the economy will have its share too in the bleeding.

What happens to countries banning cryptocurrencies?

The fact that a country bans cryptocurrency can not be a strong good to them and their economy and the truth is, there can be 100% truth in the cryptocurrency banning does not favour many countries and they can only ban a fraction and operate it behind the scene.

Though, there are some countries that ban cryptocurrency, yet the same people who ban it were also making their own cryptocurrency, what an Irony, LOL… You can Imagine

If there is a global acceptance of cryptocurrency, there will be a better chance of improving the economy.

If this is imposed to you as a question, can a crypto ban shake the economy at large?

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