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Carrie Underwood’s tasseled dress might be her most impressive look yet

Talk about scene-stealer! Carrie Underwood’s hours in the gym are paying off if these photos of her are anything to go by.



The country singer put on a dazzling display in a silver, tasseled mini dress during her Las Vegas residency, REFLECTION and her legs never looked so toned.

Carrie committed to the bold look as she belted out her hits for a sell-out audience.



The sparkly number was spellbinding and when she shared an image of herself on Instagram wearing it, the response was overwhelming.

Fans flocked to find out her workout routine and to compliment her on her voice and her show.
There’s no doubt she works hard to stay in shape and recently she showed off by completing a planking fitness challenge with absolute ease.




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Carrie wowed fans with her costume changes

Carrie didn’t even break a sweat as she worked her way through the routine and filmed herself for her fans.



The mom-of-two showed off her very toned physique and strong arm muscles while enduring her daily workout.

While she makes exercise a priority, she admits finding time can be tricky. So she incorporates movement into her day in any way she can.



Carrie’s fans wanted to know her workout routine

“I’m a midmorning-workout person. But I weave fitness into my day,” she told InStyle. “I always take the stairs, which firms your legs, and at home I’ll do lunges as I go from one room to the next.



“No one is judging you in your own house, so why not make chores active? I turn it into a game, like if I’m picking up my kids’ toys off the floor, I’ll do a squat each time I lower myself down. These little moves keep up my energy, especially on days when I can’t get in a full workout.”



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