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Carrie Underwood’s sprawling $3million forever home is so unexpected

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher have a beautiful home in Tennessee on a whopping 400-acre plot, offering plenty of space for their two sons, Isaiah and Jacob.



By comparison, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Montecito mansion reportedly sits on 7.4 acres of land – so Carrie’s property is around 54 times bigger than the royals’ home. The 2022 CMT Music Awards nominee and the ice hockey player spent $3million on the land in 2011, according to Variety, and went on to build their dream home complete with private horse stables and its own lake.



In 2016, Carrie told Country Living: “My husband, Mike, and I are designing our forever home,” she explained. “My must-haves are a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing and rocking chairs.”

And yes, it’s just as impressive as it sounds – take a look.



Carrie Underwood’s living room

Carrie’s living room is designed with a muted beige and grey color scheme, and wooden touches reflecting the home’s rural location. Furniture includes a large cream couch dressed with patterned cushions and one with the initials ‘M’ for Mike and a wooden dresser where Carrie has displayed a house plant in a white pot.





At Christmas, Carrie and the family posed in the living room, showing that it has tall ceilings with white concrete pillars and a wooden awning at the ceiling. There are also floor-to-ceiling leaded windows, lined with cream floor-length curtains.

Carrie Underwood’s dining room



On Carrie’s birthday, Mike shared a photo of her taken in the open-plan kitchen and dining room. Carrie was seen sitting at a black marble table, while there is also a rattan window seat with grey linen furnishings.

Carrie Underwood’s kitchen



A photo of Mike and the couple’s two sons showed that there is dark oak wooden flooring on the ground floor of the house, while a grey and cream bohemian rug makes for a cozy touch to the kitchen.

Carrie Underwood’s bedroom



Carrie and Mike’s bedroom is in keeping with the muted beige theme of the house, and there is a grey chaise longue couch positioned next to the window, where patio doors lead out to a private terrace.

Carrie Underwood’s closet



Carrie has her own walk-in closet, complete with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes showcasing endless clothes, shoes, and bags. There is also a central island in the room, where Carrie has fitted a washing machine and a tumble drier.

Carrie Underwood’s garden



Outside, Carrie and her family have their own lake, which Mike previously showed off in a photo of the boys fishing.



They also have private horse stables.

Carrie also has a space in the garden to work out, fitted with rubber flooring for weight-lifting and strength training.




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