Best Guide and Tips for new traders 2021 (Top Crypto Terms with Meaning)

This guide is very useful for every new trader who has just gotten into the crypto market and they are yet to understand the term used in crypto trading or in the cryptocurrency world. Here are the Best Guide and Tips for new traders 2021 (Top Crypto Terms with Meaning).

What is Crypto Terms?

The crypto terms are words, phrase, statements or sentence use in the discussion forum or community for crypto experts and traders. How to understand the terms and what does this terms means? This are very to be broken down into pieces. So, when you have gotten the information completely, you will not be regarded as a novice because you can now understand those terms on your own.

Just like you might be taught in school, there are fields of expertise that those belonging to that field will speak to themselves for better communication.

For example: This might have happened to you or someone you know. Let assume, you are to receive a treatment prescription note from a doctor or nurse, have you tried reading the content of the note before? Well, for me, I have done that several time and its so much complicated. The reason is because i am not a medical student or personnel and that is not my field of expertise.

That is how it is concern crypto world on its on. There are terms used in the cryptocurrency world or community and a newbie or novice cannot get the information clearly. So, i have taken my time to bring this terms well explained to you so you grasp every slightest details.

Here are the

Best Guide and Tips for new traders

This terms are very important. Its make secrets become known to you when it is been said.

When i was very new to crypto stuff, i heard this term ‘Bull run’ and ‘Bull Market’ and i was like, what the hell! Who sells bull online for cryptos? Yeah! right, i know, Its very funny. I was damn confuse because the terms where something else.

Crypto term: What is Bull Market?

The Bull Market as explained by in Oxford Dictionary Means: When the financial Market stock is increasing or rising. My experts definition in the crypto field means “When there is a rise in the price of a crypto coin”.

In case you are confuse about what crypto coins are, read more about crypto coin here.

Getting the right meaning of the terms in crypto and there is an opposite of Bull Market. We have Bull Market and we Have Bear market.

What is Bear Market?

Bear Market is a lower market, here is how Investopedia explains Bear Market and you can view the image below

What is cryptocurrency?

As described above in the screenshot by Oxford Dictionary. cryptocurrency has a different definition

There are more terms available in the crypto space, we keep learning and tapping more information. Do well to subscribe to this blog and you will not miss out when this post is updated, and you will not miss our latest crypto article.

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