All you need to know about the wifedoge coin 2022

Here is all you need to know about Wifedoge coin and how to buy this token?

Cryptocurrency is a digital system that performs transactions without bank verification. It’s a digital system that can enable anyone anywhere to send and receive payments. Cryptocurrency exists fully as digital whereby the money cannot be carried about.

Cryptocurrency is stored in digital wallets where all transactions are being taken place and recorded. Cryptocurrency uses encryption to verify transactions to provide maximum security and safety. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency, which was founded in 2009 and remains the best.

Over time more and more cryptocurrencies have been recreated, and most of them are finding it very difficult to pick up. In this article, we will be laying much emphasis on one of these cryptocurrencies, which is the Wifedoge coin.


WifeDoge is however one of the fastest rising meme cryptocurrencies. It sets to improve alongside Dogecoin by increasing the rate of transactions and adding more features that reward users. Just like other meme cryptocurrencies, WifeDoge awards investors by giving them a reward of every transaction or payment that is made. That means users’ wallets will be credited with WifeDoge coin automatically over time. Read more

Wifedoge is equal to dogecoin. I.e. they have the same value and stand in the crypto market. In just one day, the new meme cryptocurrency, wife dogecoin had grown so much. The value increased more than 3000 percent when it was liked by Elon Musk.

The wifedoge coin is a clone of the main dogecoin cryptocurrency. It has undergone massive growth over time, as most cryptocurrencies have fallen drastically, wifedoge coin is still making progress. The good thing about this coin is that it starts to make money for you as soon as you buy it, making it the only valuable coin upon purchase. You would continuously earn your reward by staying true to the coin.


Wifedoge coin was launched in july, 2021

So, as of now, wife dogecoin is trying to become the strongest cryptocurrency over others. Currently, the  WIFEDOGE is the same as DOGECOIN. I.e. 1 wife dogecoin = dogecoin.

 The price of wife dogecoin was $0.00000000007 based on the Coinmarketcap chart, which is a continuous increase in valuation. In the last 24 hours as of the time of this content, it’s up by 345.1 percent while it ranked as number 2867.

Initially, it was believed by many that popular meme coin DOGE would be as crazy and single. However, the clone of DOGECOIN is Wifedoge coin that is making waves.


Research has been made and so many persons have come up with several predictions about wife dogecoin. Investors should also bear in mind that it is possible for Wifedoge to grow its future market. If this coin could go over 3,000 percent in 24 hours and get support from influential figures like Elon Musk, this alone could double the numbers.  Market Realist said Wifedoge price could increase by tenfold by the end of Sept 2021 but currently, the price of WifeDoge has fallen by 2.96% in the past 7 days. The price increased by 5.10% in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, the Wifedoge surge immediately died afterward. Currently, the price is NGN 0.00 per WIFEDOGE. The new price represents a new all-time high of NGN 0.00. a 39.6 negative percent in the last 24 hours, check Coin Gecko.


Some upcoming investors are planning to invest their money into crypto this year. This situation is very challenging because you can experience losses at the first time of investment which can discourage one from investing further. One thing everyone should know before investing is that there will always be losses but you need determination and patience to achieve any goal. As a beginner, you should have done some research on which coin is best for trading. After the research is done, you should know the different prices of coins, the ones to invest long term and short term, also to know which coin has a promising future. At this point, the prices of coins have really dropped and this is the best time to buy because it could rise any moment from now. The current price of the wifedoge coin is $0.00000000003 USD with a trading volume of $163,817.01 in the last 24 hours and it dropped by -36.58%. Last week, the price of the coin was $0.000000000023 and now, the current price was dropped by a massive percentage. However, this is the set time to buy whatever coin you wish to buy.


There are somany options when it comes to getting a wife dogecoin wallets. There are several types of wallets for you to put into consideration, and each of these wallets vary in terms of characteristics, usability, security, etc.

Before buying Wifedoge coin, you should have it in mind that it is a BEP-20 token. To buy Wifedoge You need to go through these steps as listed below;

  1. Get your desired wallet such as Trust wallet, binance, Metamask wallet, etc.
  2. using your browser search for PancakeSwap ensure you’re on the  V2 and the switch button is on swap and not liquidity because you want to buy Wifedoge and not provide liquidity to the exchange.
  3. Connect your wallet to the exchange using the wallet connect button on the Pancakeswap exchange.
  4. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use for swapping to get Wifedoge on the cr drop-down arrow then select WIFEDOGE as the coin you wish to swap to.
  5. Select and activate the PancakeSwap extended option then copy and paste the smart contract into the provided space, then add wifedoge as the token you wish to swap to.Smart contract Address.
  6. Type in the quantity of coin you want to swap to Wifedoge, you would find the cost of the transaction and the amount that would be paid to the liquidity providers just under the trade breakdown. After that, you just click confirm to process your swap order. Once your order is executed you now own wifedoge in your wallet. For more details with pictures click here


The decision to Invest in wife dogecoin is strictly personal. It has quite similarities to other meme coins. It is a clone of dogecoin with both of them having similar value.

According to the creators of wifedoge coin, they stated;

“Wifedoge is a good wife who can help doge make money. She starts to make money for you automatically when you hold wifedoge. At the same time, there is a punishment mechanism for those who abandon her. She will give you rewards for staying true to her.”

If you wish to risk it and invest in any of these upcoming coins. You can choose to invest in wifedoge coin. The decision to invest or not in Wifedoge is like with any other cryptocurrency. However, if you have extra money that you are willing to lose in case things go wrong, then go for it. It never hurts to have some tokens in your cryptocurrency portfolio that could skyrocket more than 3,000% in 24 hours.

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